5 Items You NEED To Own When The World Ends

If you want to survive the end of the world and see a new civilisation, here are 5 essentials you need with you in your underground bunker.

1. Fleshlight/Vibrator/Companion Of The Opposite Sex

For me personally, hanging out with Brock Lesnar just isn’t going to cut it and I’m not sure he’s every female’s cup of tea but you’re definitely going to need some sexual relief while you’re trapped underground for possibly decades to come. The worry is of course that Brock Lesnar is also living with you and once your weed runs out he may not be able to control his (I imagine) insatiable appetite for painful, bone-crushing sex. Wouldn’t really want to wish that on anyone so to keep it safe we’ll just go for a fleshlight/vibrator depending on your preference and just keep them hidden from Brock if possible.

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