5 Items You NEED To Own When The World Ends

If you want to survive the end of the world and see a new civilisation, here are 5 essentials you need with you in your underground bunker.

4. The Wheel

Ever heard the saying “you can’t reinvent the wheel?” Well, that’s because you can’t. Inventing the wheel was no walk in the park and you can bet whichever Fred Flinstone-type character came up with it was looked upon as a King for finally figuring out a faster mode of transport back in the cavemen days.

So with that being said do you really want to go back to a time where there was no wheel after the end of the world hits the reset button on Earth? For sure not. As long as you’ve got a wheel with you inside your bunker you’re already ten steps ahead of the rest of the world and once you’re back out in the real world, everyone will know it.

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