4 Reasons Why CrossFit Is The Worst Workout You Can EVER Do


These are the facts the CrossFit gym owners do NOT want you to know.

It’s Not Even Technically Classed As “Training”

CrossFit Sucks - Competition

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Obviously, if you move around more and use your muscles, your muscles will get bigger and you will get fitter. I’m not denying that. Everyone in the Western world could do with moving more and eating less. But CrossFit claim to be the new way to get fit, a revolution, a gold standard, and that just doesn’t seem to be true.

CrossFit hold their own CrossFit Games now, with huge amounts of prize money and kudos in spades. But the athletes that compete in these action men and action women battles don’t even use CrossFit methods. How about that? Because CrossFit concentrates on “confusing” muscles with shock motions and a variety of tasks, it can’t actually build you muscles in a specific enough way to compete at an event.

And that’s not just my opinion, that comes from a 2014 article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning where they spoke to a panel of Strength and Conditioning Coaches at NCAA Div.I-II athletic programs.

Like I said, it gets you fit, but it is exercise, not as they call it – training. Training readies you for something specific, CrossFit just knackers you out and gets you that clam-shaped stomach covering you’ve been waiting for. Which is fine, but don’t lie to me.

So in a nutshell: yeah you’ll get buffer (if that means so very much to you), but you also run the risk of more injuries than an Olympic weightlifter, you’ll be left skint and the people who run CrossFit don’t give a flying fuck.

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