PHOTOS: Lion Gets Brutal Injury In Buffalo Attack (NSFW)

Siena, an African lioness, met the business end of a buffalo this week. How she survived the injury is a miracle in itself…

This photo series comes from the wilds of the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya. The story features an 11-year-old lioness named Siena who had a regrettable run in with a mighty buffalo. Although buffaloes seem pretty dim and chilled, those horns are not for decoration as this lioness found out the hard way.

The park wardens saw the afflicted kitty and called for veterinary back up immediately. She’d got a pretty mega-major hole punched into her flank.

Buffalo on the African plains can be nearly 6 ft tall and weigh the best part of a tonne. If you get between a mother and her calve you’d better be able to dodge pretty neatly. Despite their massive bulk they can move quick and they take no prisoners. In Africa they’re known locally as “The Black Death” or “Widowmaker”. They gore and kill around 200 people a year making them one of Africa’s biggest killers.

Lioness Buffalo Attack - buffalo head

So the images on the next page are probs NSFW because she did pretty much get her entire leg ripped off at the hip… so no crying OK? I warned you…

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