3D Real-Time Face Hacking Looks Completely Beautiful

Japanese artists pushing the boundaries to produce something spectacular.

Face Hacking, or real-time face mapping is a relatively new technology being used as an art form in Japan. It’s impressive stuff, it’s even more impressive than that Japanese artist who tried to make a boat in the shape of her own vagina.

This innovative artistry involves projecting real-time images onto a face and tracking the movements of the face so that the image moves in time with the person’s features. It sounds cooler than it is, I promise.

This is one of those technological advancements that looks beautiful when it’s done well, but I’m pretty sure there’s a terrifying military application too. Like, I bet it helps improve the chances of snipers getting a head shot from a couple of kilometres away or something like that. Apparently similar technology is already being used to help marketers advertise to us better (hurray!)

This first video shows Nobumichi Asai and Hiroto Kuwahara having the most impressive cyber face-off you’ve ever seen:

Quite mesmerising isn’t it? Click through to the next slide for another video by the same chaps.

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