7 Weirdest Murder Weapons

From games consoles to pickles and from boobs to shoes. I guess you just use whatever comes to hand, right?

Murder is a sinister beast. One human permanently ending the life of another, whether in rage or in error it’s a dark thought indeed. That said, there are some pretty jokes ways of going about it and here’s a small selection.

Knives and guns are so old hat…

1) Xbox 360

Weird Murder Weapon - Darrius Johnson

Many people lose a large portion of their lives to gaming consoles but rarely their entire life. In April 2013 Broward County, Florida a blood splattered and battered Xbox was found next to the body of 20-year-old Monica Gooden.

Weird Murder Weapon - Monica Gooden

Her boyfriend Darrius Johnson was found guilty of the murder but he did have a good excuse: he sacrificed her because she had control of his spirit and the only way to rid himself of the curse was to sacrifice someone born under the sign of Taurus, which incidentally Monica wasn’t.

Note to future murderers: the Xbox in itself was inadequate for killing, Darrius was forced to use a knife to finish the job.

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