January 31, 2013

Skaters VS Runners

Dumb Runners Start Beef With Skateboarders

It’s the usual story isn’t it. Skateboarders hanging out trying to skate a sweet spot somewhere when a couple of jumped up losers who’ve got nothing better to do decide to come along and try and ruin their fun. This makes me ANGRY.

Thomas Dotterer

Insanely Stupid Reactions To WWE Royal Rumble

It’s understandable that some fans might get upset by wrestling results every now and again These fans should probably be sectioned though because their reactions are completely and utterly insane, like the guy who got shot in the face but still said the Royal Rumble result was the worst part of his week.

Batman_LDN Snow

Batman_LDN: Why It Snowed Last Week

Batman_LDN is back on Sick Chirpse with a new semi-regular column in which he details his incredible life. This week he explains why it snowed last week and why it was all essentially his fault. He also apologises.

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