HMV Employees Live Tweet Their Firings On HMV’s Twitter Account

HMV Twitter

It’s pretty cool that if you’re getting fired you can live tweet it now huh? Especially if you work for a major corporation that’s going into administration and you know that it’s going to cause a massive shitstorm because they’re firing 190 people.

HMV Twitter

This is pretty cool and also completely stupid and probably illustrative of just why HMV are going out of business as they can’t even control their own twitter feed. Anyway, I’m sure everyone knows that HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster all went into administration this month and obviously everyone was completely devastated because it meant loads of people would lose their jobs and we would head into a quadruple dip recession or whatever. But I mean if you think about it all three of those companies are completely outdated in their business models – I mean who the hell rents a video anymore ever? Or buys a CD? – that they deserved to go out of business and all that’s going to happen is that a bunch of cool new companies selling cool new products are going to spring up and they’ll probably employ more people and everything will be cool again. I mean have you seen how many people the Apple store employs?

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But yeah back to this story. As happens whenever any company goes into administration, the administrators come in and start examining everything and figuring out how to save money and that normally involves firing most of the workforce. Obviously that isn’t too hot and everyone who works there hates it and they live in fear and don’t want to do their jobs, and all the newspapers and everyone all around the country says crap like ‘Oh isn’t it awful’ but just go on with their lives anyway and don’t do anything about it and are just glad it isn’t them. Standard.

It’s been two weeks since the administrators came int0 HMV and today they started firing people for the first time, and they fired around 190 people. Ouch. But in a cool piece of internet rebellion, the staff of HMV decided to fight back (kinda) by hijacking their twitter feed and live tweeting their firing, which I think has to be the first instance that live tweeting has actually been used for something cool, rather than just some dickhead going to a football match or to see a movie or something. Although the tweets themselves were kinda lame it got everyone talking about their plight and a couple of them (like the one about the marketing director) are actually pretty funny. Check out what was said below:

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Of course, all the tweets got deleted pretty much instantly so if you head over to the HMV twitter you won’t be able to read them, but everyone and their dog (get it?) got a screengrab of it and posted it all over the internet. I guess whoever let i happen has probably been fired now and HMV are screwing even more, but to be fair they should probably just shut up shop and disappear ASAP so the country/world can get on with evolution and get out of this stupid recession. Amen. 


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