Zoot Shoot #1: Stage Fright

Zoot Shoot picks the best and weirdest movies for you to enjoy whilst recovering from your Saturday night, so kick back, spark up and enjoy. 

If you’re a fan of plot holes, shit acting, surprisingly good music and mass murderers wearing giant owl costumes then Michele Soavi’s Stage Fright is probably right up your street.

I’ll start by saying that sobriety is not your friend going into this movie, you’re going to need a little something to take the edge off, nothing too major or heavy, maybe half a tin of special brew or whatever you can scrape out the bottom of your grinder, but just enough to let you ease out of reality slightly.

The basic premise of the movie is that a local serial killer, Irving Wallace (fantastic name) has escaped the conveniently located mental facility and ventured into a playhouse to enact revenge on the unsuspecting cast and crew. They mention that he used to be an actor, which makes his overacting more Meta than expected, but still pretty shit.

Zoot Shoot Stage Fright Pic

Irving pickaxes some minor character and the police arrive, cancelling the much-hyped production of ‘Night Owl’ in the process. Lo and behold the overbearing director of the piece, Brett, decides the show must go on and obviously the murders continue, with Irving donning the owl costume beautifully crafted for the show.

I wont spoil anymore of what critics ’ described as ‘above average’, ‘tense’ and most importantly ‘nice and lean’ but would strongly recommend this surprisingly entertaining slasher for when you’re either too drunk to care, or too hungover to make a better decision.


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