VIDEO: “Zombeavers” Movie Trailer. Yep. Zombie Beavers

Quell your burgeoning existential crisis with zombie beaver-related news. Apparently it’s the new “Sharknado”.

I don’t know why the supernatural always wants to punish young people for having sex in remote cabins. I’ll ignore that. I’ll even do my best to ignore the terrible vagina puns. All I care about are the undead semi-aquatic rodents. I like to imagine that in the distant future, when bio-luminescent aliens mine our crusty planet for resources, the only evidence of intelligent life they’ll unearth will be this freakish motion picture. The aliens will probably root for the zombie beavers. Would you blame them?

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From the writers of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, here’s the trailer for the “Zombeavers” movie (to be released later this year):

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