The WWE Totally Nailed The Miss Universe Screw Up At The Slammy Awards Last Night

WWE R Truth Miss Universe Prank


You almost certainly heard about the Miss Universe screw up over the weekend, where comedian Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner during the live event and was forced to take the crown off one girl and put it on another. Awkward.

Obviously, this is the kind of mistake that is going to live on through the internet for years and years but the WWE have been remarkably quick in being the first ones to rip them about it. It was the Slammy Awards last night and R. Truth presented the award for Diva Of The Year, announcing the winner as Paige.

Of course, Paige wasn’t actually going to win the award and it went to Nikki Bella and R.Truth had to tell her live on stage that he made a mistake and read the wrong name out. It’s pretty much the perfect delivery of the skit and you can almost tell when you watch the footage when everyone in the arena gets the joke and is all like ‘ohhhhhhhh see what you did there’ at the same time. Good work WWE.

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You’ve gotta give props to the WWE for having their fingers on the pulse there and producing an excellent segment that totally got everyone going. Fair play.

While we’re at it, remember this guy performing brutal WWE moves on his girlfriend into a swimming pool? Merry Christmas.


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