The Host Of Miss Universe 2015 Made The Most Brutal Mistake Of His Life During The Live Show

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When your whole life is shattered on live TV.

This is just plain painful for all involved. So, The Miss Universe Pageant 2015 took place Sunday night, and Steve Harvey was the host; all good so far, except, he called the wrong name out at the very end, and then everything went to shit. Not so good.

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Whilst live on air during the pageant, Harvey initially said Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez had won the title and the crown was placed on her head. She received a bouquet of flowers and the crowd erupted in applause and cheer for her. Then Harvey realised he’d fucked up, so he stopped the celebrations and called for calm, before announcing the winner was in fact Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

Miss Philippines was in shock on the sidelines, as she watched the saga unfold next to the second runner-up Miss USA. You can see the two talk between them, with Miss USA reassuring her that this was in fact real life. Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega then removed the crown from Miss Colombia’s head and placed it atop Miss Philippines. Brutal.

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Harvey took to Twitter to apologise even more. You’ve got to feel for him, and for Miss Colombia:

He even showed the card he read from to show it was his mistake. How he got this one wrong is hard to actually understand at all. It couldn’t be more clear who won:


As you’d expect, the internet has had a field day already:

Sucks for Steve Harvey (and obviously Miss Colombia). I guess Harvey should stick to Family Feud, where it’s usually just the contestants that cock up.

As for the merits and ethics of beauty pageants in this day and age? well, you’ll just have to ponder that one when the dust settles on Harvey’s Miss Universe career, so later today.


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