This Is Without Doubt The Worst Wedding Procession Ever

Wedding Procession

When you’re getting married you probably wanna head down the aisle looking all classy and dignified. You would think anyway but this woman doesn’t do anything like that.

This video was uploaded onto YouTube a few days ago with the commentary of ‘My mom dancing down the isle doing what she wants having fun and being her.’ You might think that describes a wedding that might be slightly different to what you might expect traditionally but that would in no way prepare you for what you’re about to see.

Scope the video below and then I’ll talk about it a bit afterwards because there’s just so much funny stuff going on in it and I don’t really want to spoil it for you.

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Wow right? I mean it starts great with the absolutely terrible song that’s playing but it just goes from strength to strength after that. Highlights included the straight laced guy (I can’t really work out why this guy is attending what is clearly a redneck wedding, especially as he’s sitting so near the front too) putting his hands over his son’s ears when there is swearing in the music; her gross little grind and boogie down whilst pointing to the camera; and when the some old woman looks like she’s walked out of the wedding itself right at the end.

The absolute icing on the cake though has to be when she makes it to the end of the aisle to meet her husband and her husband and all the groomsman are wearing those matching bandanas and start dancing with each other. I mean a bandana is a bad enough fashion choice anyway, but for your wedding?!  This is how you want the best day of your life to play out?! Some people baffle me.

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