Russians Are Photoshopping Their Weddings

Russian Wedding Photoshops Featured

Of course they’re photoshopping their weddings! I mean why not right?

A wedding is always a special day when two people get united in the eyes of God and get to spend a lot of money on stuff like table decorations. It is only fair that every couple wants to capture it in its full glory. They hire the best photographer they can afford, who is probably really depressed as he is shooting Adam and Sophie and not Kate Moss. Some people’s wedding photos are really classy and subtle, but these people are probably also very boring, as why the hell would you want you wedding day to look pretty much like any other day?

Of course,  trust Russia to take this idea to its logical conclusion – photoshopping your wedding photos. Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? When I came across this collection of wedding shots I thought that it was nice to see someone injecting a bit of fun into the whole sombre and clichéd affair. You would probably agree, especially if you have been put through a ‘Do wanna see my photos’ ordeal by your girlfriends. Like when you have to look at 50 identical pictures of them posing in front of some old castle or a 100 year old tree. You were there too, it’s cool.

So check out these surreal shots below. It’s also really nice to see people get creative with Photoshop. There are a lot of optical illusions here, like brides in the sky and grooms looking real small in a champagne flute. Kind of like those photos people take when they go travelling – you know when you pretend that you are holding a pyramid in your palm or maybe your buddy. I guess sometimes you also want to show off a little, so it is only fair that you position yourself and your future husband in a shot with some silly retro car and a grand staircase. Fun, but still classy. Whatever, it looks real.

Part of me hopes that the photographers who put these together were having a laugh. But then I think about it again and decide that it was definitely done for real. And that makes me really happy. I can imagine Alena and Vova sitting around in the studio and talking about whether they want to grow larger or smaller in their photos, like Alice in Wonderland. Or maybe surround themselves with autumnal leaves or rose petals or something. Or any one of the dumb things that they’ve done in the photos below that we’ve managed to find.

Check them out over the slides and let us know your favourite:

Russian Wedding Photoshop 23

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