Wedding Fights In Russia

Russian Wedding Fight

There’s always a fall out at a wedding, so you can imagine that if you’re hideously vodka fuelled there may well be some scraps.

People have asked us in the past if we ever feel bad about ripping it out of the Russians. In a word: No. But I also don’t want you to think that we believe they are all “ultimately vodka smashed” all of the time, or that most of them only have two teeth. We know we’re only reporting on the minority of the good people who nestle at Russia’s teet. But it’s a big place and consequently the sheer number of numpties is pretty darned high, so it’s difficult for us to ignore. They have a lot of space and time to fill. And if they fill it with vodka, that’s up to them. We aren’t judging, we are reporting.

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So I found a couple of Russian wedding videos with fights in. No surprises there. Weddings are always fraught with upset, and if you’ve you’ve been drinking neat vodka from 2L plastic bottles for three days straight, then there’s bound to be fisticuffs. Check them out on the following pages:

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