When Weddings Go Wrong


Everyone loves a big wedding disaster. Here’s a video of some of the best wedding fails from 2012.

Ah it’s wedding season! So much happiness, but also so much to go wrong.

Whenever there’s a big day that’s had months, even years of preparation, there is no doubt that something will go wrong. Whether it’s an annoying drunken uncle causing a scene, someone tripping over on their way down the aisle, or even things that are just out of our control affecting the big day, like the weather, something always goes wrong.

Sick Chirpse went to our good friends’ wedding last month, and although nothing went wrong, it got really crazy. People were passing out, throwing up and I managed to embed some glass into my hand which wouldn’t stop bleeding (luckily none went over any kind of wedding dress). All in all it was a really debauched but memorial day. Congrats guys!

But what’s better than laughing at someone else’s wedding who you have no emotional relationship with? Nothing, seriously, it’s great. So on that note, here’s a video of 2012’s most disastrous weddings, enjoy:


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