Four Of The Worst Training Videos On YouTube Ever

Have you ever had to sit through a terrible training video at work? They probably didn’t have a patch on these.

3. GameStop: Selling To Women

There’s something of a gamer stereotype and not knowing about women. We now know this to be an unfounded myth as it seems every one who goes on Xbox Live has had their way with all the woman I’m related to. The video begins by demeaning the very workers of GameStop and describing what a woman actually is. Apparently it’s someone who doesn’t wear a “ratty t-shirt” and carries “a bulky appendage known as a purse”.  They’re then sexist towards the woman who are entering GameStop by saying that woman know very little about games and are unlikely to buy anything. This advert seems quite a recent training video so it shows GameStop know very little about their workers or the people who buy their games.

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