Four Of The Worst Training Videos On YouTube Ever

Have you ever had to sit through a terrible training video at work? They probably didn’t have a patch on these.

4. Surviving Edged Weapons

This video went viral not so long back and you can see why. It’s terribly acted and the people in are so volatile towards the police it’s funny. This is shown almost instantly when the police requests the guy to turn off his engine and is met with a heavily Canadian accented “fhuck you”. Then when the police man asks the simple request to see the guy’s license pulls out a little pocketknife. I imagine someone pulling a knife on you would be a lot scarier if, you know, they were in your general vicinity and not about 20 or so feet away. The dude would have to chuck it at him to cause any sort of damage. The dude soon claims it to be a joke when the officer reaches for his weapon. I guess he did have some brains after all.

Next we’re introduced to a Chuck Norris like fellow who when asked for his license is met with a blade to the face. One thing I’ve learned from this is if you’re in the police in Canada you don’t ask for someone’s license.

We’re than treated to the soothing and insightful voice of the narrator. He begins to tell us that the seemingly crazy man is upset about the police officer is near his personal space. Thank God for the narrator, if he hadn’t of said that all we’d have to go on is the hobo screaming “Get out of my house” and waving a razor in a threatening manner. The money was certainly well spent there.

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There is actually a full 84 minute version so if you’ve got a spare hour and a half I highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed. You can watch it below:

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