Four Of The Worst Training Videos On YouTube Ever

Have you ever had to sit through a terrible training video at work? They probably didn’t have a patch on these.

Training videos are inherently terrible. The people who make them are usually handed a minuscule budget so the actors are either people who work there or desperate drama students hoping to catch their big break. After time the older ones would be forgotten and replaced with newer, still terrible videos. Thanks to the internet though the worst ones don’t have to fade into obscurity as you can see below with four of the worst training videos that can be found on YouTube.

1. Wendy’s Hot Drinks Training Video

What combines coffee and a poor Michael Jackson wannabe? An 80’s Wendy’s hot drinks training video of course. Luckily the resulting song is catchy as balls. In this video we learn how to make a variety of drinks, that hot drinks need a lid and with the chorus that informs hot drinks and perk you up:

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Wendy’s didn’t stop there though, they also made other classics such as Cold drinks, Burger Rap and Chilli Can Be Served With Cheese:

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