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Worst Star Wars Museum Featured

They could have at least tried with this.

Star Wars is always gold because literally everyone in the world loves Star Wars, but you could at least try when setting up some kind of Star Wars exhibition/museum. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what these guys over in Wolfsburg in Germany didn’t do when setting up their exhibition, which is why it’s being proclaimed as the worst exhibition ever.

I guess there’s no arguing with that because the photos below are pretty terrifying in terms of how awful it is and how little effort has clearly gone into it. It looks like the whole thing was made with the kind of crap you find in the dump or at a skag addict’s house and has probably been set up with as much care as the aforementioned skag addict would give it.

I mean Chewbacca looks like Osama bin Laden, Han Solo’s feet are a different colour to the rest of his body, Princess Leia looks like a low budget porn version of Princess Leia and the Ewok looks like a ball of pubes on a bike. And Boba Fett definitely looks like a leftover from a Nazi museum and who the hell ever wears a space suit in Star Wars?

D- guys – must try harder.

star wars (1).jpg This is the worst Star Wars exhibition ever

star wars.jpg This is the worst Star Wars exhibition ever

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