World’s Most Pierced Man Barred From Entering Dubai

Rolf Buchholz was blocked from entering Dubai this week because security thought he was doing black magic? Dubai is one odd place…

Dubai’s a pretty mental place. It has the swagger and shimmer of a modern, multi-loaded society with all the bells and whistles of a gold-plated Richard Branson. But on the same card it has ancient and backwards laws that make it more akin to a medieval society than the hideously wealthy place it actually is.

Last year a Norwegian woman was jailed for “extramarital sex” after reporting she was raped. In 2008 an Australian woman was jailed for 8 months when she reported a colleague for drugging and raping her. I digress. But you get my point, for such a modern place there are some areas in which they’re disgracefully backwards.

Why am I banging on about all of this? Well, today the most pierced man in the world – Rolf Buchholz – was turned away from Dubai this week. Why was he turned away? Apparently security at the airport were concerned that he was practicing “black magic“… OMG.

Rolf Buchholz - Dubai

Firstly someone who does black magic looks like the fella below, not a piercing in sight and secondly, no one believes in black magic anymore in the civilised world because we’re not in the dark ages. Get a grip.

Rolf Buchholz - witch doctor

Buchholz has 453 piercings and a couple of implanted horns for good measure. He does look pretty nuts but that’s no excuse to turn someone away, he’s a Guinness World Record holder and a computer expert. Perhaps Buchholz should carry around a laminated copy of the picture below to remind people that looking weird doesn’t mean you’re dangerous and horrible, and that looking normal is no guarantee that someone isn’t a complete and utter psycho.

Ask yourself a question Mr Dubai Security Man, who would you rather leave in charge of your kids?:

Rolf Buchholz - sloth shipman

Problem solved. As long as they got the Goonies over there.

Buchholz was on his way to perform at the Cirque le Soir nightclub where there will be a few disappointed punters this week. Rolf had this to say on Twitter… fair enough mate:

Rolf Buchholz - tweet Dubai

Oh well. If you’re planning on hitting up Dubai any time soon, remember not to get hundreds of piercings and/or be a rape victim. OK? Travel safe, people.


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