Woman Who Can Flip Her Butt Implants Warns Against Risks Of Butt Surgery

Looking to get a Kardashian-sized back side? Better re-think that one.

Remember the worst boob job of all time? Well this is the butt cheek equivalent and it belongs to former Vegas stripper Renee Talley, who as you can see is literally able to flip her implants around underneath her skin.

You might think it’s a pretty clever implant job as she’s able to adjust her butt cheeks for sitting down/standing up but it was in fact a massive botch job.

Initially Renee received six months worth of silicone injections in 2010 that left her suffering back and stomach pains. An MRI revealed the silicone had spread up her back and down her legs, resulting in autoimmune disease.

She had the silicone removed but then stupidly had the implants inserted in its place, resulting in what you see in the video.

She’s now offering this advice to anyone thinking of getting butt-enhancing surgery:

I don’t really look in the mirror at myself anymore because I’m not happy with the way my butt looks. If you ruin it, you can’t go back and fix it.

Wise words.


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