Goonies Director Richard Donner Confirms He Is Working On A Sequel

The Goonies

28 years in the making, it looks like one of the most loved films of all time might finally be getting a sequel.

The Goonies is pretty much the best film ever when you’re growing up – it’s got pretty much everything: cool guys, pirates, monsters, treasure, gadgets, smooching, Cyndi Lauper on the soundtrack, and above all else it’s just completely and utterly fun. Everyone can appreciate it when they’re growing up, and they probably still can when they’re adults too. The Goonies is just that good.

There have been rumours of a sequel ever since it first came out 28 years ago, but it seems like these rumours might actually be a reality now, as director Richard Donner admitted out of nowhere in a recent appearance to sign autographs that he was working on a sequel and that he planned to reunite the original cast for it.

Of course, there aren’t any details now as to how this would work – whether they would just be making cameos and there would be a new generation of Goonies, or whether the plot would revolve around the original Goonies getting back together – but even so that’s reason to get pretty excited about it. I mean how awesome would it be to see Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and the other guys back together tearing shit up and trying to find One Eyed Willy’s hidden treasure again? The answer is very.

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