World Champion Boxer Claressa Shields Wants To ‘Beat The Shit Out Of Jake Paul’

Now this is a fight I would want to see.

Jake and Logan Paul have been getting a lot of flak in the boxing world over the last couple of weeks after it was announced that the former would be fighting Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match and the latter is aiming to take on Conor McGregor after he knocked out a former NBA player, and it’s not surprising really, because who are these two idiots who reckon they deserve to take on the best in the world after a couple of fights?

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YouTubers with humongous followings, that’s you but one woman who definitely isn’t happy about the situation is two time Olympic gold medallist and the current holder of all four world titles in boxing Claressa Shields. She’s saying that Jake Paul is a loser and that if she got in the ring with him then she would beat the absolute shit out of him:

Jake Paul is making his money, he’s doing his thing, but stay away from us real fighters.

And anybody out there that say, ‘Oh, Jake Paul will destroy her because she’s a woman’ … I’m the greatest woman! So, no, Jake Paul won’t do nothing with me, and if he think he can, he can come see me.

I’ve been boxing for 14 years, two Olympics, but they would still give Jake Paul the nod because he’s a man. And it’s like, ‘You guys don’t know nothing’.

I, Claressa Shields, will whoop Jake Paul’s ass! He can come in the ring weighing 180 pounds and I will come weighing 168 and I will beat the s–t out of him.

Now, I doubt any sanctioning body in America would agree to such a fight, but I’ve gotta say that it would definitely catch the imagination of the world a lot more than either of the Paul brothers fighting people who are quite clearly going to batter them and that it would probably be way more of a ratings/PPV success as well. It probably wouldn’t be that hard for the Paul brothers to figure it out given how big they are on their respective YouTube channels either. Thing is, they probably would legitimately be too scared to fight Shields because it would be so embarrassing if she battered them, so they’ll probably just end up ignoring her comments. Losers.

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