Jake Paul Knocks Out A Former NBA Player; Calls Out Conor McGregor For Next Fight


I gotta be honest I didn’t even know that Jake Paul was fighting on the undercard of the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr boxing match over the weekend, but it turns out that the YouTuber was booked to fight former NBA player Nate Robinson for some reason. Wonder how they came up with that one?

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Anyway, Paul went viral after he brutally knocked out Nate Robinson (Snoop Dogg is commentating on the fight as well to make the whole thing even more bizarre, so it’s definitely worth watching the clip just for that) and it clearly went to his head afterwards as in his post match interview he reveals that he’s targeting Conor McGregor for his next fight and that he would knock him out too. Lol.

Check out clips of both below:

I’m not sure you know. Obviously a Conor McGregor Jake Paul fight would be a massive mismatch but they both have huge followings and would talk it up massively beforehand and so it would inevitably make a lot of money. It’s also the kind of thing that you would want to check out just to see Jake Paul get completely annihilated – probably worth paying for as well.

Whole situation linda reminds me of Floyd Mayweather v Conor in that respect because Conor kept calling him out for years before he finally agreed it was a good idea and it actually happened. Makes sense Paul would use the same tactics against Conor, although I think he needs to do a lot more fighting against real competitors and not washed up NBA stars before anyone takes him seriously. Or even half seriously. Conor at least had some pedigree in combat sports, if not boxing.

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