This Video Of A Woman With A Worm In Her Eye Is The Worst Thing You’ll See All Day

This is the stuff of nightmares.

This story kind of reminds me of that girl who didn’t change her contact lenses for ages and had her eye eaten by a bug.

Anything involving messed up eyeballs is pretty gruesome, but this video takes it to the next level and shows some woman who has a tiny worm wriggling around her iris.

You can actually see the parasite moving all around the pupil. Even though the person doesn’t seem to be in pain, they’re pretty calm considering the disgusting circumstances. I would be freaking out.

Apparently that thing is called a nematode or roundworm and even though this little bugger is tiny, some species can grow as long as a metre. Fuck that.

Pretty gross huh? Not sure how this poor sod got infected, but it says that a lot of cases are caught from animals and bugs. That’s it – I’m done with nature.

I’m just going to stay wrapped up in bed where no worms can grow in my eyes and I don’t have to worry about scary things like people planting bombs in shopping centres.


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