A Bug Just Devoured A Girl’s Eye Ball After She Left Her Contact Lenses In For Six Months

Here’s a lesson in why you should clean your contact lenses regularly.

A 23 year old Taiwanese student’s eye ball was chomped through by a bug after she failed to clean her disposable contact lenses for more than SIX MONTHS! Grimy.

Doctors are calling it an extreme lesson in the importance of basic hygiene — the girl basically left her lenses in for 6 months straight without once cleaning them, allowing the bug to form and breed in perfect conditions between her contact lens and eye.

The bug chewed right through and has left her blind in her left eye.

Pretty horrifying story but at the same time, you’d have to be pretty fucking stupid to leave your contacts in for 6 months so don’t worry about it too much because she’s kind of 100% to blame for this.

Just to be on the safe side though, don’t wear your contacts for more than 8 hours a day and for god’s sake clean them regularly and remove when swimming/ washing.

Alternatively you could wear glasses instead; sure people might say you look nerdy or whatever but the joke’s on them at the end of the day because you’re not the one at risk of some kind of super bug growing on your eye ball and eating its way through your cornea. Plus you won’t have to finger yourself in the eye every morning/night trying to put them in/out.


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