White Supremacist Shows Up To Black Lives Matter Protest; Gets Taken Down (VIDEO)


The situation over in America right now is completely and utterly crazy as we’re heading into the sixth straight day of nationwide riots following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis last week.

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Given the racially motivated nature of the protests you would probably be forgiven for thinking that they probably wouldn’t be the best place for a white supremacist to hang out, but for some reason one of them did show up at a protest in Toronto over the weekend. He was identified because he was wearing a Screwdriver t shirt – they’re a Nazi white power band from the UK – and was then subsequently told to jog on by the guy making the video.

Wait for one of best lines in history:

Lol that bit where he says he’s isn’t moving away from him because he told him to is so good – it’s almost like a parody video it’s so on point. You couldn’t make it up.

Not really sure what this guy was even doing coming down to the protest in the first place or what he was hoping to achieve by wearing a Screwdriver t-shirt, but I assume that he just came down to film himself so he could post it in his alt right Facebook group and get a few likes off his fellow Neo Nazis when he talked about how unclean he felt being nearby. Still unsure why that’s something anyone would want to do in any situation let alone this one, but I’m not a Neo-Nazi so who knows?

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