Whisper: The Lamest Thing on The Entire Internet

Whisper completely sucks balls and here’s why.

The internet has a lengthening tradition for meaningless, vaguely emotive quotes overlaid on loosely associated, uncredited images. Photos of sunsets over which someone has written ‘The Only Way To Know Who You Truly Are, Is To Ask Yourself’ or similar wastes of pixels and precious time.

Now, there’s something even more pathetic, and that’s Whisper.

Whisper is an app that allows users to tell a secret anonymously, in the format of text overlaid on an image. It’s like the awesome Post Secret, but for the lazy, meme generating, impatient fuckwit internet generation that has really important feelings but doesn’t have the time to actually address them, or to take any care whatsoever in their work, preferring drag and drop attention seeking that they can show their friends before going home and jerking off over how different they are.

We had a little look through Whisper and pulled out some of the most pathetic entries and flagrant bullshit so that you don’t have to waste bandwidth downloading it.

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Whisper Breakfast

Congratulations, you did something literally billions of people have done in the past and had sex with a stranger. Oh, and what’s this? I just looked at the bottom of the picture there and it seems this random guy you stupidly went home with like a total rebel actually woke up and made you some breakfast. Thank you so much for enriching all our lives with that information. Twat.

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