When Pro Wrestling Goes Wrong: Part 3


With such an abundance of clips to choose from, here’s the third instalment of when Pro Wrestling Goes Wrong; featuring a plexiglass window that just won’t break, a fan assaulting a wrestler, and The Undertaker landing on his head.

In this clip someone disguised as a cameraman is meant to be positioned so that he breaks The Undertaker’s fall by catching him as he dives over the ropes. Somehow it doesn’t work out and the near 7 foot tall Undertaker lands right on his head, knocking himself silly.

Here we have the mysterious Raven chilling against the turnbuckles as he talks shit into the mic, until a fan decides to pull him out of the ring by his hair. Raven carries on his promo afterwards but doesn’t seem to realise the fan also broke his microphone.

Here’s Ryback, one of the strongest guys on the roster, trying and failing both times to lift up Tensai for his finisher. In his defence, he’s since managed it.

And if you think that’s bad, check out Kevin Nash botching his finisher on The Giant (aka WWE’s Big Show) back in the WCW days. Drops him right on his neck, ouch.

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