Here’s A List Of Things You 100% Don’t Want To Know



Over on Reddit, some genius had the idea to start a thread with the same title as this article – What Is Something I Don’t Want To Know – and well, as is often the case with Reddit the whole thing went off and had about 5500 replies in 7 hours. I’m not sure why the original poster thought it was a good idea to start the thread – maybe he wanted some awkward conversation starters for a dinner party – but I would think that he definitely got more than he bargained for with this barrage of disgusting facts.

Here are some of the best replies that we’ve handpicked for you. Some of it is a bit NSFW – most of them are to do with sex but there isn’t anything too outrageous – so you might wanna make sure nobody sneaks up on you if you’re reading this in the office:

‘In the 2000s, up to 29 albino children have been murdered by being hacked apart with a machete in Tanzania, to supply a trade in their body parts to people who think it will help them achieve great wealth.’

This sounds like something that might be going on in the Deep Web. I’ll be sure to have a look for it later.

Albino child

‘Right after you give birth vaginally, if you lie flat on your back, you can feel your vertebrae through the front of your abdomen.’

I’ll never be able to feel that, but I’m kind of perturbed I even know it.

‘At the time of me writing this, there have been 5447 comments to this thread.

Assuming everyone is from a developed country, there is a 12.3% chance that one of the commenters will be dead within 24 hours.

Cross your fingers!’

I don’t know if that statistic is true but for everyone out there reading it, there are a lot more comments now and this post so that means there’s less of a chance of you dying now. But still you might wanna look twice when you’re crossing the road later.

‘The cremulator. If you opt for cremation, rather than burial, you will pass through one of these.

A lot of people think the deceased’s body is burnt to ash, however bones are a bit tough, and the crematorium will usually put the body through a cremulator, which operates sort of like a massive coffee grinder, to make what we consider ashes.

Of course, you have to sift for gold teeth and prosthetic joints etc. before hand’

It’s actually good to know this because it means when I die everything will be taken care of and there won’t be any problems. Of course all my bones are going to be crushed into oblivion, but I probably won’t be too bothered about that, you know being dead and all.

‘in 4th grade I’d beat off to my Sims characters making out.’

I think that was a fairly normal thing to do back then right? It was way harder to get access to porn back then than it is now.

Sims Making Out



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