New Survey Results: Indian Men Have The Least Sex, But Who Has The Most?

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An Indian magazine commissioned a study to find out which nationality had the most sex, only to discover that they came last. Who was top of the pile though?

The Indian version of Men’s Health commissioned a worldwide survey to discover which nationality had the most sex. Almost 51,000 people from 30 different countries participated so the survey is by no means definitive, but there’s obviously enough evidence in there to give us some clear representations as to what is going on in bedrooms all over the world.

Embarrassingly, considering they had commissioned the study themselves, it found that Indian men actually had the least sex out of all nations in the world, as on average they have sex less than once a week. Depressingly 48% of them also believed that their partners faked orgasm (I mean come on dude, just talk to her about it and figure something out) and the average number of women that the average Indian man has been with is only three.

And the nation that came in with the highest stats? Take a guess first and then look down.

It’s Croatia. Bet you didn’t see that coming huh? They have an average of 11 partners and they’re also way more prone than any other nation for getting down outdoors, with many of those surveyed saying they liked to do it outside in cars, pools, parks and fields. Horny.

Surprisingly, British men and women were ranked as the kinkiest on the planet. This has only happened recently though if you’re confused by this and it’s mainly due to the recent phenomenon of ‘mummy porn’ that has been spearheaded by 50 Shade Of Grey. I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing, I mean the results are good but that book is so dumb it really makes me despair for the nation when I see how popular it has become. Completely baffling.

Interestingly too, the Netherlands was the only country where women reported that they were satisfied with the amount of foreplay on offer during sex. If you’re reading this and you’ve been having shitty sex lately then you know where to head for your next holiday.

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