Man Caught On CCTV Having Sex With A Bike (Kinda NSFW)


I don’t think I’d even know how you would describe a man having sex with a bike, so it’s a good thing this guy got caught so we can see it.

Having sex with a bike is a weird thing to want to do right? If I heard that phrase I’m not sure if I’d even know what you would do to actually constitute having sex with the bike. Fortunately for me – and you – this dude in Osterlund, Sweden got caught on a CCTV camera having sex with a bike so there’s no need for either of us to wonder any longer.

The guy was filmed puncturing the tyre of the bike before jerking off into the hole as it deflated. So that’s how you do it huh? Kinda gross but I guess if you’re really horny and there’s a bike just lying around there then it’s probably better than nothing, right?

The owner of the bike – a dude called Per Edstrom isn’t that bothered about the fact that his bike has been raped, saying ‘I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix.This man is probably completely harmless — bicycles are just his thing,’ which I think is a pretty safe attitude over the whole incident.

I mean surely there would be spunk stains all over his bike/in his tyres too and they can’t be too fun to clean up!? And the whole thing would just be completely weird and kinda freaky/scary too? I mean it’s the kind of thing a screwed up serial killer might do to intimidate you before he kills you. Just saying.

Apparently there were a series of crimes like this in Osterlund that were never solved back in 2007. The police are looking into this to see if there are any connections between the two sets of crimes. If there are you’ve gotta ask the question as to where the hell this guy has been hooking up with bikes for the last six years? I mean surely he can’t have gone cold turkey for that long, right?

Here’s the pictures of him preparing and then banging the bike and there’s a video below too if you want to check that out, but it’s kind of gross. Don’t worry you don’t see a money shot or anything like that because he’s fully clothed, but it’s just really weird watching a guy jerk off on a bike.

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