Watch Two Of London’s Hardest Enforcers Try And Kill Each Other An Unlicensed Boxing Match


No rules.

You can argue that fighting has reached its most brutal these days with the onset of UFC and MMA, but if you take a look back in time to the 1970s then another argument exists when you watch footage of fights like these.

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The fight you can see below is an unlicensed boxing match between two enforcers of East End London, Lenny McLean and Roy Shaw. Towards the end of the 70s the pair had a trilogy of unlicensed boxing matches and the fight below is the climax of the series after both of them had already won one a piece.

The two were known as a couple of the hardest men in East London, and their fight didn’t disappoint as they full on lay into each other. As it’s unlicensed there aren’t any rules, so you can whack your opponent on the back of the head, hit them when they’re down and all sorts which obviously makes the fight way more brutal and fun:

Yeah, they sure knew how to do it back then didn’t they? I especially like it after Mclean’s won and he just gets up on the apron and yells ‘I’m the governor’ over and over again. That was his nickname in case you didn’t know. Respect to Shaw though for wanting to carry on – he  took a hell of a beating but wasn’t prepared to throw in the towel unlike some people these days.

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