Tony Hawk And Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki Skateboarding In Zero Gravity Is Unreal (VIDEO)

Tony Hawk Zero Gravity

Most flips ever.

Anyone who has ever skateboarded will know that it’s absolutely solid to pull off any of the tricks that the pros manage on a regular basis because it requires an insane combination of balance, skill and fearlessness that not many people possess.

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Despite a lot of people giving skateboarding a go, not many succeed as let’s face it, it’s fucking hard. However, if any aspiring skaters were given the chance to have a go in zero gravitiy, I reckon a lot more people would have the guts to pull some sick tricks because it would make it a lot more easier and fun.

But, unfortunately, skateboarding in zero gravity is an impossibility for most people. But when you’re Tony Hawk and Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, you get all the hook ups and can just grab your skateboard and go skating in zero gravity, pulling off tricks that they never even thought were possible with more flips than you’ve ever seen before in your life.

Check it out below:

Crazy. If only I had access to a zero gravity chamber then I might have made it as a skateboarder.

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