Watch The Most F*cked Up Scenes In Anime Compiled Into One Super Cut

Seriously disturbing.

Well folks, you’re in for a bit of a treat here. For your general perusal we have locked together some of the most fuck-a-doodle, weird-ass, disturbing anime / manga scenes of all time.

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Previously on the Chirpse we’ve brought you some fairly spectacular Japanese cartoon gore, but today we take you right over the edge into a blood-soaked ravine. LUCKY YOU.

Anyone who knows anything about Japanese cartoon culture already knows it’s pretty fucked, even at a baseline level, it’s all pretty trippy. And, sometimes, it’s downright terrifying as a special bonus.

So this video has been a labour of love, Jesus Christ there’s a LOT of weird shit to choose from in the world of anime. Stripping it back and selecting the winners was an epic undertaking.

One of my favourite things about anime is that they pretty much follow no moral code at all; even though they’re making cartoons and initially it looks like it’s a kid’s show, it really fucking isn’t. Cannibalism and necrophilia? Yes please. For instance, they recently started working on a manga version of the Koran.


They do what they like.

Any-who, I’m sure you’re already fully erect, so let’s get this show on the road shall we?:

Yeah? Not fucking bloody well bad is it? Shit the bed backwards. I’m going to watch it again. Then I’m going to stare at these NSFL metal gore album covers before I turn out the lights and have a thunderous wank.


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