WATCH: Shocking Footage Of Flood Water Surging Into Texan Home

Terrifying video of a break and enter by Texan flood water.

Mother nature is excellent at making pretty things like flowers, puppies and fairies, but she is also a bit of a sick puppy. She likes to reign down terror every once in a while. The awful earthquake in Nepal and the devastating floods in Chile immediately spring to mind, and that’s just in the last few weeks.

Recently Texas has been dealing with some pretty major flood conditions. At least 1400 buildings have been damaged in Houston alone, there have been multiple deaths and many people are still missing.

The footage below comes from Ernie Perez who films the moment flood waters from the Blanco river plow into her lounge. The footage is terrifying.

Check this out and be glad you’re dry:

If nothing else, the video reminds you how weak humanity and our structures really are. Hopefully the waters will soon recede and people can attempt to get back to their normal life. Perhaps they can fit in a bit of flood wakeboarding whilst they’re at it?


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