When The Streets Get Flooded There’s Only One Thing To Do; Go Urban Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding Flooded City Streets

Hopefully this turns into a whole new sport.

Floods can definitely be completely uncool – remember this city in Argentina that was flooded for 25 years? – but even when they completely devastate a community there’s still a way for you to have fun with them.

That’s exactly what these dudes did in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday night by taking advantage of the extreme flooding the city had experienced to make this completely sick urban wake boarding video. The gang use trash cans and tubes to catch some ridiculous air as they power through the city being towed by a winch which was connect to a tow truck that managed to stay out of the water.

Now all we gotta do is make this a regular thing, and try and implement it when there are really, really badass floods like the 1931 Chinese Floods – well known as the worst natural disaster ever.


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