Images Of Cataclysmic Floods In Northern Chile

It’s images like this that remind me how lucky I am.

There’s so much devastation going on in the world that most events and news stories from further afield get missed by mainstream Western news outlets. This month a tragedy  that didn’t get the air time it deserved occured in Chile.

The people of Chile have a bit of a crap track record with floods, for the last 80 years or so they have been plagued by the wettest of disasters.

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The pictures below come from the most recent bought of flooding and mudslides just a couple of weeks ago in the Atacarma region. So far 17 are dead, 20 are missing, 4,500 people are in shelters and more than 11,000 have been affected. Among the thousands who lost their home is Victor Zamora, one of the Chilean miners who was trapped underground for 69 days in 2010.

Take a look at the devastation across the following slides:

Chile Flood 1

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