Watch Potentially The Most Disgusting Zit Popping Video Yet

Not for the squeamish. Or anyone eating.

I think most of us agree that it can actually be weirdly satisfying to pop a nice, juicy spot on your face at times. What is happening in this video is not satisfying at all. It’s one of those videos where someone is draining one of those insanely massive boils and you get to watch unbelievable quantities of ungodly fluid seep from within, but I actually feel like this is maybe the worst one yet. Perhaps there are others that release more puss, or where what appears to be a foot-long worm being pulled from someones head, but the way in which the thick fluid just sort of bubbles from the boil on this guys back was enough to make me have to look away.

I find it strange that most of the onlookers seem to be enjoying to process immensely.

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