Watch This Chilean Man Do The Most Disgusting Thing Ever Imaginable

Guy Pukes All Over Himself Beer Chugging Contest

It doesn’t really get any worse than this…

I never really got beer chugging contests. I suppose it’s laddy and hard to be able to neck a pint but it isn’t really that enjoyable and is probably just going to make you gag profusely afterwards. Still, you look like the man in front of the boys so it’s probably something I should have at least tried to get good at during my lifetime.

No such problem for this guy from Chile though. Him and his buddies are having a chugging competition to see who can down a pint, half pint and bottle of beer in the quickest time. Our man over here doesn’t hesitate to neck all three. Even though he pukes up in the last two, he just chugs that down too as he’s so desperate to win the competition. Hero.

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The video is probably made even better by the fact that they’re playing Metallica’s Master Of Puppets in the background – it just makes it all so much more dramatic. And of course that last shot where he’s doing a massive puke is the money shot – I can’t believe the guy stopped filming before he spewed absolutely everywhere. Amateur.

If you think this dude is impressive though, then you need to see this guy chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels in 13 seconds. Phenomenal.


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