Russian Woman Falls Asleep Driving Scooter, Nearly Dies


This Russian woman is so completely knackered, she falls asleep while driving her scooter. Nearly gets annihiliated by a huge lorry.


Driving when you’re knackered is fvcking horrible. I drove back from a festival a few weeks back and I had about as much energy as a 100-year-old sloth. To keep me awake I had to have the windows all the way down and the music turned up pretty loud but it still didn’t really work as well as it should have because I missed a turning on the way home, adding another half-hour to the journey. Fvcking gutted. I did get home in the end, though, and crashed onto my bed like a dude whale humping the fvck out of his missus. That’s the thing with festivals: epic when you’re there but when you’re on your way home all the shit that’s fucked up your brain for the last couple of days comes back to hurt you and all you wanna do is crash and burn.

I can’t say I’ve ever been as tired as this Russian woman, though. If I was that tired and driving, I haven’t got the balls to actually get behind a wheel let alone keep my eyes open. I’d probably just catch 5 Z’s in a bush or something. Tramps are allowed to sleep in bushes, so I’d fit right in.

So, this Russian woman must have either been up for days on a vibing trip or had had a really busy couple of days in work because to fall asleep in the way she does is pretty fvcking scary. She’s driving her scooter along some road, and some guy who’s driving behind her is filming for some reason – Russians film EVERYTHING, didn’t you know – when suddenly, the woman drifts off into The Land of Nod and sways into the oncoming lane of traffic, just about missing getting completely run over by a huge lorry. If she had got caught under the wheels, the video would have been really grim. Guts, blood, teeth, eyeballs everywhere.

Anyway, here’s the video. She’s one lucky Russian/tough bitch.

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