War Machine Just Wrote A Really Crap Poem To Christy Mack On Twitter

“Roses are red/ I found a man in our bed”

War Machine is BACK on Twitter. You know, the MMA fighter who beat his porn star ex-girlfriend black and blue last month, then went on some next rant about the oppression of men when people didn’t understand why he did it.

Well what’s a man to do when he’s facing jail time and it feels like the whole world is against him? He becomes a poet, that’s what. But first, he quotes some Nietzsche to let you know he’s not playing around:

Deepness. After that he dropped an original poem about how Christy Mack ruined his life. No joke — this is an actual poem he Tweeted:

Roses are red
I found a man in our bed.
Than to discover this…
I’d rather be dead.

So hurt and confused
My heart has been abused.
Too beautiful our plans
To not be used.

How could you forget
And carry on with no regret?
You’re a stranger now…
You sold your soul I bet.

Publicity, money, fame
Is this all just a game?
It was you who I loved ya know…
Not just a name.

Yes, I’m that bored. Hope you enjoyed the attempt at levity (at my expense) in the first 2 lines…FML.

OK, so the first two lines were astounding, but the rest was pretty bad.

In fact, we know an 8 year old who literally writes better poetry than that. Then again, that 8 year old writes better poetry than us too.


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