8th Grade Pupil Writes Incredibly Wise Poem

What a punderful title. Read this poem and re-establish faith in today’s youth.

Most might remember poetry lessons at school as being super boring and rejecting the idea that it might actually be a relevant medium of expression for young people. Since then some of us discovered Scroobius Pip, but the ones that didn’t become hipsters may have yet to realise the real power of poetry when it’s done right.

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This poem was written by someone in Year 9 (or 8th Grade for our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic). It’s great to know that there are people that think like this among our youth, and shows that not all kids are sweet-stealing little cunts. Prepare to have your mind blown; the last line is a game changer.

Amazing 8th Grade Poet

For anyone still not convinced that poetry is great, watch this:


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