Wait Until You See The Size Of This Pitbull’s Kids


They’re fucking huge.

Pitbulls are often given a bad rep for being a violent breed of dog, but the truth is that it’s often down to the owner and how they’re raised that affects their behaviour, and with the pitbulls in this video you can see that it’s possible to raise them to be cuties just as well.

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The dogs themselves come from the Dark Dynasty K9s, a dog breeding facility run by Marlon Grennan and his wife Lisa in a 150 acre estate in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. They proudly promote the well being and reputation of the breed with every one of their carefully raised puppies and well trained dogs.

In the video below you can see how this is the case as Marlon is showing off the babies of one of the biggest pitbulls in his facility, Hulk (pictured above). Despite the fact that all these dogs are absolutely huge and could probably maul and kill him if they wanted to, they’re perfectly well behaved as he picks them up and introduces them to the camera:

Geez. Fair play to Marlon – if one of those guys came anywhere near me in the street I would be walking the other side ASAP. I do not want to mess with them, they are scary fucks. It’s important to remember though that they might look scary, but if they’re trained and raised well then they won’t ever harm anyone, and that’s what Marlon is trying to do at the DDK9 facility.

Let’s hope it continues to work out for him and he can change people’s opinions about pitbulls. Although it might help sort out their reputation if women stopped having sex with them as well.


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