Footage Of Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Escaping From His Cell Makes It Look Like The Most Casual Prison Break Ever

El Chapo Escape Video

The authorities have released footage of the daring escape.

You probably heard over the weekend that notorious drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman (watch this short documentary to get the lowdown on him if you don’t already know) managed to escape from his maximum security prison via a 1.5 km tunnel from his jail cell. Since then he’s remained at large and has even been pictured drinking beers and celebrating in a private jet. There’s a $2.5 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

Authorities have now released a couple of videos which show the moment El Chapo escaped from his cell and what it was like inside the tunnel he escaped through. The tunnel itself is an elaborate construction that must have required inside help – it had its own ventilation system and a motorcycle on a rail that was used to transport tools and remove earth.

Indeed, three employees of the prison, including its director, have now been fired. They probably won’t mind too much though as they were probably all paid millions by El Chapo for helping him with his escape – they’ve just got to figure out how to stay out of jail themselves now.

The video of the escape itself isn’t exactly that dramatic – it’s just El Chapo pacing around his cell and getting psyched up before disappearing into a hole in his shower – but the fact that it even exists on CCTV raises more questions about his escape like: how did nobody notice this happening in real time? How did nobody notice he was gone in the time it took him to travel through a 1.5 km tunnel?

Obviously we already know the answers to these questions – everyone in the jail was in on it – but it just makes the whole incident seem even more corrupt. Good luck finding him – last time Chapo escaped from a maximum security prison (yeah, this isn’t his first time) he was out for 13 years before they caught him again. Doubt he’s going to make the same mistake twice.

Will he make it into the top jailbreaks of all time though? Only time will tell.

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