Dude Goes Absolutely BALLISTIC When His Credit Card Gets Declined Buying M&M’s

When you’re craving M&Ms but can’t afford them.

Paying for things on your card can be very stressful when you know that your funds are running dangerously low. You hand your card over, hands sweaty and shaking, knowing that if the ‘Card Declined’ message pops up you’re going to look a proper twat.

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When it happens, you’ve got two choices – either leave with your head hanging in shame or… assault the guy behind the till?

This guy went for the latter choice:

I would never condone beating up a corner shop employee, but at the same time I understand this guy’s frustrations. His pride was completely crushed the moment that card was declined, never mind some dude on minimum wage looking at him like “wow, you’re a broke piece of shit”. Gotta let that anger out somehow.

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