Victorian Post-Mortem Photography – As Grim As It Sounds

When photography was invented, people wanted lasting memories of their loved ones. Even if they’d just died. Here’s a collection of post-mortem snaps for you.

Back in the bad old days stillbirths, disease and accidents were all much more regular, and people would almost be used to death. It would still be sad when a loved one kicked the bucket of course, and people were still deeply effected by it emotionally. But I think the Victorians just weren’t as grossed out by it as we are now. It was much more integral to their lives. It would be hard to find a person that hadn’t seen a corpse rather than the other way round.

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Parents and Child

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Husband

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Girl

Sometimes in these so-called momento mori (remember you will die) pictures the eyes were propped open or pupils painted on to give the impression they were still with us.

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