Victorian Post-Mortem Photography – As Grim As It Sounds

When photography was invented, people wanted lasting memories of their loved ones. Even if they’d just died. Here’s a collection of post-mortem snaps for you.

What’s ultra-creepy about the whole thing is that some of them are posed as if they’re still alive. It gives me a little shiver. But I guess in modern society, we’re much more sheltered from death than we ever have been since humans came down from the trees. Death is a rarer thing to witness now. Take burgers for example, I mean who’s ever watched a cow being killed in real life? I bet the vast majority of burger eaters in the West haven’t. I haven’t and I bloody love burgers. We hardly ever get to see death these days, so our relationship with it has changed, or in some cases disappeared.

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Twins

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Twin

Victorian Death Photos - Momento Mori - Sleeping Girl

Back then, if you hit 40 you were lucky and considered to be in your old age. One in six children died before the age of one; one in three children died before the age of five. Times were different. Death was everywhere and never hidden, it was part of daily life.

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