Vanilla Ice Just Got Caught On Camera Kicking Off In An Airport

Vanilla Ice airport

Douche, Douche Baby.

Vanilla Ice’s life has been a bit of a joke ever since he released his piece of shit ‘rap’ track ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ but now that he’s even more minor than before, he seems to have just lost the plot a bit.

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Firstly he was arrested for home burglary last year, and now he’s been caught throwing a proper dad tantrum in an airport. I thought you were meant to be street dude.

The ex-rapper went mental on a bunch of employees after he missed the boarding call, even thought he had actually been talking on his phone. What a douchebag.

Reportedly the guy who made the video said:

What a douche douche baby.

THAT guy sounds like a legend.

To read about the time the modern day Vanilla Ice (Justin Bieber) similarly threw a tantrum because the cameraman wasn’t paying attention to his dance moves, click HERE.


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